What can I do?

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What a French women could do when she misses so much her American friends?

I thought of differents options like  call them everyday and stay at leat 3 hours on the phone or pack everything and back to USA (just a dream) or perhaps open a foundation : Help Poughkeepsie's families and Montarnaud's family to be together again (too much)...


Let me think again : we're in 2010, we love cooking and share our recipes...Ok girls let's open a blog.

 I'll share with you my cooking in France. See you soon!!!

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Louise 22/10/2010 22:39

I love your idea of packing up everything and moving back to Poughkeepsie!!! However, your blog is a great idea of keeping our cooking alive! Good luck, Daniele!

Danièle 23/10/2010 08:36

Suitcases are still in the living room...

kathy hayes 18/10/2010 14:47

what a wonderful idea!! I love this. Maybe this will inspire me to get back into some more cooking! I have a wonderful chocolate cake recipe to try, so I'll keep you posted!